6th Central European Symposium on Nephrology
& 10th Czech-Austrian Symposium on Nephrology

Dear colleagues,

The tradition of Czech-Austrian Symposia on nephrology and transplantation began in 2011 with the aim of exchanging the latest developments in the field of clinical nephrology, kidney transplantation, and particularly in translational science, by teams from both countries. These symposia have proven to be very successful, attracting significant interest among nephrologists from Czechia, Austria, and internationally, and several speakers from Central Europe were invited to discuss their projects.

Notably, the successful Czech-Austrian kidney paired donation program, the first European cross-country kidney exchange from living donors, was established based on discussions at these symposia. Similarly, the availability of the molecular microscope for routine assessment of problematic transplant biopsies in both countries owes its roots to the Czech-Austrian Symposia. Furthermore, the very first evidence regarding the renoprotective properties of SGLT2 inhibitors was presented here even before official publication.

Speakers present their latest, often recently published results from their research, ensuring that the lectures maintain a consistently high standard and are comparable to the most important international conferences. Additionally, the conferences are known for their rich, broad, and detailed discussions.

We are pleased to announce that this year, after the COVID break, the 10th meeting with Austrian colleagues will be held during the Advent season, from the 13th to the 14th of December, in Prague's Old Town. The symposium's program is comprehensive, and detailed information can be found on the website. With excellent speakers and chairpersons, we are confident that this year's symposium will meet the same high standards. The symposium is open to anyone interested in the latest trends in various aspects of nephrology and transplantation.

We look forward to welcoming you in Prague.

Prof. Ondrej Viklicky and Prof. Georg Böhmig



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